Our Story

The production of craft spirits has been on the rise for over a decade and the market for craft products is as large as its ever been. It’s plain and simple, consumers want to enjoy new experiences, especially when it comes to craft spirits. But there is a problem.

Literally thousands of craft brands are not available for purchase at your local liquor store because the laws surrounding liquor distribution for craft distilleries are prohibitive. As a result, liquor stores mostly carry the mainstream products that you’ve been accustomed to for years.

BigFish is blowing the lid off the market. We provide a legally compliant mobile platform for consumers like you to buy craft spirits from across America and the world. Each of the craft distilleries we carry have been through a rigorous vetting process. This way BigFish can ensure a quality new experience. As well, we will continue to select the top craft distilleries the world has to offer.

As we sit today, our products are readily available exclusively in the state of Illinois with plans of expansion across the country and abroad. Stay tuned!